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In Your Easter Bonnet: The Tradition of the Easter Celebration

Chocolates, the Easter bunny and colorful egg hunts are often the top of the list for Easter celebrations. But have you ever wondered why these items have become part of a holiday the originated out of religion? The below provides insight into why these symbols have become important aspects of the Easter celebration.


  • The images of rabbits and bunnies are some of the most familiar as far as Easter symbols, and it’s all because of the weather! These creatures have been used to celebrate the Easter season for thousands of years, even before the Christian holiday of Easter arose, as an introduction to springtime.
  • Chocolate galore! According to The Story of the Easter Bunny, the chocolate came from the European traditions, and it was common knowledge that “to receive the special Easter eggs, children were told to make nests from hats or baskets so the Easter Bunny could leave them there.” Not to mention, since so many people give up sweets for Lent, chocolate is a great way to end that fast and celebrate the holiday well.
  • Easter egg hunts have become commonplace activities for adults and children alike during an Easter Sunday celebration. These Easter egg hunts are rooted in a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, stemming from the story of an Oschter Haws laying eggs in the grass while children were encouraged to build nests for it to lay in, and leave eggs for the them to collect.


There are so many traditions for holidays, and Easter is no exception. But, as we all know, often holidays are not just about the activities, but about the food! What kind of Easter meal traditions do you have? For many it can be ham, or lamb, with an abundant amount of fresh side dishes. Unfortunately, busy schedules can make it a challenge to maintain traditions, especially when it comes to cooking full spreads for family and friends.


Atlanta Bread offers a full catering menu, ideal for holiday gatherings. Here are some of our suggestions for an Easter lunch to remember.


  1. Provide something for everyone…with our sandwich platter! Let your guests put together their own meal, with selections of roasted turkey, honey maple ham, chicken salad and roast beef.
  2. Keep it healthy with salads! Group-sized bowls of staple salads like Caesar, House and Chopstix Chicken offer healthy and fresh option for your guests.
  3. Sides are the real star! Choose Italian pasta salad or roasted red potato salad with bacon to add more substance to your spread.


Call your local Atlanta Bread for location-specific catering menu items for your Easter gathering.


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Paying Homage to America’s Favorite Sandwich

Grilled cheese. Even at first mention, you can already imagine the gooey crunch of this melt-in-your-mouth sandwich. It’s an American classic and deserves a celebration. So today, we recognize the popular sandwich on its special day, National Grilled Cheese Day!


A unique aspect about grilled cheese is its ability to satisfy children and adults alike. Its popularity with vast audiences has had chefs around the globe reinventing the classic and making it their own. Before it became a classic staple on menus across the country, it’s history tells us the story of how it came to be. Here are a few tidbits of information about America’s favorite sandwich.


  1. It’s the best thing since sliced bread! Grilled cheese sandwiches became the norm in American households shortly after the invention of sliced bread, because it was an easy and inexpensive meal for the whole family in the 1920s. The difference between our understanding of the sandwich then and now, though, is these sandwiches were open faced – a piece of bread toasted and topped with shredded American cheese.
  2. What’s in a name? The term “grilled cheese” appeared for the first time in print in the 1960s. Before that, it was called a number of different things, before it settled on its signature nomenclature.
  3. Make it your own! The grilled cheese may be a staple, but people are always finding new ways to make this meal fancy, fresh and deliciously original. Try your hand at adding in some new flavors like bacon, tomato or avocado. Or, keep it classic.


Pop by your neighborhood Atlanta Bread today to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with friends and family. Or, if you are on the go, grab a grilled cheese from us – it’s a perfect on-the-go meal! You can order ahead online or through our app.

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