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Make Eating Healthy A Family Routine

Kids are known for engaging in somewhat risky behaviors. They jump from places most parents feel are too high or run headlong into a bustling crowd without concern. As parents, these are the moments we prefer to avoid. But one situation where we might like for our kids to venture out and take a risk is with what they are willing to eat. Often times it seems like getting them to eat a healthy lunch is just a dream.

 With one in four people admitting to eating fast food on a daily basis and 52% believing that doing taxes is easier than eating healthy, there is clearly an uphill battle when it comes to setting a good example for our kids.*

With all the running around from activity to activity it’s no wonder people settle for what’s fast and easy. But don’t cave in to the pressure of time and eat on the run. What if it really is possible to take your family out for a convenient, healthy lunch – one with less fat and sugar while still full of taste? It isn’t like finding a unicorn, such meals do exist! Eating healthy can happen, you simply have to know where to look. And if you make it a routine and a behavior  you model for them, it’s likely to stick.

It’s no longer out of the norm for restaurants that typically provide high calorie, low nutrition meals to place “healthy” items on the kids menu. But when they are side-by-side with the temptation of tasty, artery-clogging meals, what good does it really do? And how much of a rut do we really want to stay in by ordering those meals? There are plenty of restaurants that carry a menu full of healthy choices and fresh ingredients without so much sugar and fat.

You want to break free, to encourage your kids to try something new. Yes, it’s hard to convince them they can enjoy a healthy lunch just as much as their usual burgers and fries, but have faith in yourself. And give your kids a little credit. Once they’ve tasted the flavors you can find in various pastas, salads, and sandwiches made with fresh, healthy ingredients, their bodies, and their taste buds, will adjust to the new norm.

Now, picture your family in a restaurant where you can grab a quick bite in the midst of your busy lifestyle or you enjoy a leisurely dining experience when the time is right. Finding a place that becomes your dining out standard makes life easier. With an ability to satisfy a variety of tastes, such a restaurant can become a part of your routine without putting you in a rut. Let the place adapt to your pace and desires and soon your family will be eating a healthy lunch or a tasty, fresh dinner without stress.

 Encourage your kids to break free from the traditional kids menu and allow them to take a risk by eating healthy meals full of flavor. You’ll feel like you’re jumping from boring to exceptional and running headlong into a new adventure. Now that’s a behavior we all want to experience!




Pasta – The Food That Plays Well With Others

There are so many days that seem to be filled with indecision. Often, too many choices can lead to a sort of mental block. When that happens while trying to decide what you’d like for lunch, your stomach may begin to growl and you might experience a light-headed feeling before finally figuring out what to have. That’s when the answer should become abundantly clear – pasta.

Why pasta you ask? If one thing’s for certain, it’s that pasta is a dish with wide appeal and impressive versatility. With so many folks trying desperately to cling to a low-carb (which often turns into a no-carb) diet, pasta may have fallen by the wayside…but don’t abandon this go-to meal. There are so many fresh, healthy ingredients that can be part of your pasta dish. From fresh classics like basil pesto pasta and spaghetti carbonara to whole wheat or even quinoa pastas topped with loads of fresh veggies, olive oil, and seasoning; there is something for everyone.

 Yes, your body can handle a little bit of pasta. Paired with fresh ingredients, it can be a healthy meal that keeps you fueled all day long. Your body needs carbohydrates to generate energy, and there are other healthy benefits to consuming pasta. Whole wheat pasta contains fiber and all forms have the minerals selenium and manganese. Selenium helps activate antioxidant enzymes and manganese can help regulate blood sugar and aid in metabolizing carbohydrates.* Add loads of fresh vegetables and lean meats to your pasta and you have a healthy, balanced meal. Can you imagine any other food that works so well with meat, seafood, and just about any vegetable mixed right in? From shrimp or chicken to broccoli and peppers, pasta is a food that easily plays well with others.

We all like for life to be simplified, right? We love the familiar, yet we still crave adventure. Is it possible to experience both? It is. The next time you can’t determine what to eat for lunch, let pasta be the choice of the day. Dare to mix it up with as many toppings as you can imagine. Vary your sauce choices. Live a little and be free from the lunchtime mental block. Ease your mind, fuel your body, and treat your taste buds.


*Sylvie Tremblay, MSc

April 2015

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