Fast Casual Bakery Café Creates Collaborative Workspace for Increased Productivity and Flexibility


Fast Casual Bakery Café Creates Collaborative Workspace for Increased Productivity and Flexibility

ATLANTA – More than just a fast casual restaurant, Atlanta Bread South Cobb is where guests gather to make the most out of their meals and their time. The bakery café chain known for its sandwiches, soups, salads and freshly baked pastries is changing the landscape of the fine dining segment at its Smyrna restaurant, which now serves as a space not only for eating, but also for meeting, working and socializing.

Located at 4490 South Cobb Drive, the restaurant unveiled a new look in summer 2018 that includes private meeting rooms and seating meant to spark conversations. As the number of remote workers using the restaurant for business increased, Atlanta Bread adapted the space for the changing consumer demand.

“Offering conference rooms and comfortable seating allows our guests to use the South Cobb space as a gathering spot, study room or remote office,” says Atlanta Bread’s chief operating officer Basil Couvaras.

Originally built in 2002, the remodeled restaurant now features updated furniture, plenty of lounge and conversation seating, and a dining room that seats approximately 100 guests. Atlanta Bread’s conference space features two meeting rooms – the Sourdough Suite and the Honey Wheat Suite – that can accommodate eight to 14 guests and are equipped with audio/visual technology including a 75-inch Samsung Smart TV with wireless connection and HDMI hook up, USB plug in and whiteboard space. Guests can reserve available meeting rooms on-site or in advance by booking online or by contacting the Smyrna restaurant. Once guests reserve a room, they have the option to order catering or order upon arrival.

To complement the fresh décor, Atlanta Bread serves sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and all-day breakfast items to satisfy appetites with wholesome ingredients and quality, no-fuss food. All breads, pastries and desserts are baked fresh daily at the restaurant.

Examples of menu items include:

  • Turkey sausage and egg white sandwich with choice of cheese on a bagel or croissant
  • ABC sandwich with roast beef, turkey, ham, provolone, pepperoncini, mayo and spicy mustard on a baguette
  • Turkey bacon avocado sandwich on nine grain bread with lemon basil aioli
  • Chicken pesto panini with chicken, basil pesto, Havarti cheese and tomato on focaccia
  • Creole shrimp Caesar salad with romaine, Parmesan, croutons, shrimp and Caesar dressing
  • Daily fresh selections of soup or chili served in a cup, bowl or loaf
  • An assortment of fresh-baked cookies, brownies and bread pudding

Both hot and cold beverages are available and include Lavazza coffee with beans ground fresh right before brewing, espresso-based drinks using Rainforest Alliance Coffee, gourmet teas, Caféchillos (frozen blended coffee drinks available in different flavors), smoothies, soft drinks and juices.

Designed for 10 or more guests, popular catering options include hot breakfast sandwich selections, intermezzo snack trays, boxed lunches, sandwich platters and sweet samplers along with specialty sides and assorted beverages. “All-Day Agenda” platters cater to full-day meetings and functions with both breakfast and lunch selections. Condiments and utensils are included with every order, and catering requests can be placed online.

Atlanta Bread in Smyrna is located at 4490 South Cobb Drive. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, call 770-438-6800 or visit

About Atlanta Bread

In 1993, Atlanta Bread began as a small sandwich and bakery cafe in a suburb of Atlanta. Known for its fine ingredients and exceptional sandwiches, salads, soups and pastries, it quickly became a fast-growing concept that satisfied appetites with fresh, quality food in a casual, friendly setting. Building on its 23-year heritage, the company recently launched a major brand revitalization designed to honor its customers and community by crafting delicious food and offering it in home-like surroundings through its local owners. Customers who treasure Atlanta Bread can enjoy the items they’ve always known while exploring new additions to the menu that are fresh, flavorful and filled with ingredients that can be eaten every day. Atlanta Bread has franchises throughout the country. Visit for a full list of locations and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.






ABC - Easter Image

In Your Easter Bonnet: The Tradition of the Easter Celebration

Chocolates, the Easter bunny and colorful egg hunts are often the top of the list for Easter celebrations. But have you ever wondered why these items have become part of a holiday the originated out of religion? The below provides insight into why these symbols have become important aspects of the Easter celebration.


  • The images of rabbits and bunnies are some of the most familiar as far as Easter symbols, and it’s all because of the weather! These creatures have been used to celebrate the Easter season for thousands of years, even before the Christian holiday of Easter arose, as an introduction to springtime.
  • Chocolate galore! According to The Story of the Easter Bunny, the chocolate came from the European traditions, and it was common knowledge that “to receive the special Easter eggs, children were told to make nests from hats or baskets so the Easter Bunny could leave them there.” Not to mention, since so many people give up sweets for Lent, chocolate is a great way to end that fast and celebrate the holiday well.
  • Easter egg hunts have become commonplace activities for adults and children alike during an Easter Sunday celebration. These Easter egg hunts are rooted in a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, stemming from the story of an Oschter Haws laying eggs in the grass while children were encouraged to build nests for it to lay in, and leave eggs for the them to collect.


There are so many traditions for holidays, and Easter is no exception. But, as we all know, often holidays are not just about the activities, but about the food! What kind of Easter meal traditions do you have? For many it can be ham, or lamb, with an abundant amount of fresh side dishes. Unfortunately, busy schedules can make it a challenge to maintain traditions, especially when it comes to cooking full spreads for family and friends.


Atlanta Bread offers a full catering menu, ideal for holiday gatherings. Here are some of our suggestions for an Easter lunch to remember.


  1. Provide something for everyone…with our sandwich platter! Let your guests put together their own meal, with selections of roasted turkey, honey maple ham, chicken salad and roast beef.
  2. Keep it healthy with salads! Group-sized bowls of staple salads like Caesar, House and Chopstix Chicken offer healthy and fresh option for your guests.
  3. Sides are the real star! Choose Italian pasta salad or roasted red potato salad with bacon to add more substance to your spread.


Call your local Atlanta Bread for location-specific catering menu items for your Easter gathering.



Make a St. Patrick’s Day Tradition of Your Own

Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What was once a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland, has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration started in 1631 when the Church established a Feast Day honoring St. Patrick. He had been Patron Saint of Ireland who had died around the fifth century—12 centuries before the modern version of the holiday was first observed. But very little is known about who he was.

Legend says St. Patrick was born Maewyn Succat. He changed his name to Patricius (or Patrick), which derives from the Latin term for “father figure,” after he became a priest. His supposed luck is the root of all the themed merchandise for modern St. Patrick’s Day.

As the years have passed many of the St. Patrick’s Day customs and its recipes have evolved.

Food is a big part of this day of celebration. Although corned beef and cabbage are often thought to be the main dish, there are many others, including soda bread, the Irish fry, fried Irish lamb belly and slow-poached organic chicken with tarragon, apple tart, colcannon [mashed potatoes and kale], roasted carrots and herbed Irish cheddar croquette. Explore some of these recipe’s here.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades and Celebrations

Parades and wearing green have always been a traditional part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but the events vary based on the city:

Boston – St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Boston bring over 600,000 visitors to the city, which has a large Irish-American community. Boston has one of the largest parades, which many veterans take part in, and events are held in the large number of Irish pubs in the city. The Irish Cultural Centre holds a celebration, and many events feature Irish food, such as corned beef.


New York – New York City is the host of the oldest civilian parade, which boasts over 200,000 participants. It is led by New York’s 69th infantry regiment. Second to New York City is Pearl River, another city in New York state, which has the second largest parade in the state with crowds of over 100,000 people.


Scranton – This Pennsylvania city’s parade is one of the oldest and largest. Since 1862, this parade has been one of the most popular, with current celebrations attracting crowds of around 150,000.


Chicago – The Irish community makes up a large part of Chicago’s celebration. Chicago dyes the Chicago River green and holds the South Side Parade, which has had to be scaled back in recent years due to the celebration growing too large for the Irish groups that hold the parade.


New Orleans– This coastal city was the largest point of immigration for the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are typically held at the community or neighborhood level.


Ireland – This celebration is more religious in nature, as it is considered a religious feast day. While it was made an official holiday in 1903, the first Saint Patrick’s Festival was held in 1996. During recent years, the event has become more cultural and consists of weeklong celebrations in the streets.


Whether you are going to one of these famous celebrations or throwing a party of your own, Atlanta Bread catering is the perfect way to top off this famed holiday. We’ve suggested a few of our favorite dishes that may bring you luck below:

Creole Shrimp Caesar— crisp romaine lettuce, topped with shaved parmesan, fresh-baked croutons, seasoned shrimp and house-made Caesar dressing. (Limited Time Offer)


Italian Sausage, Kale & Parmesan Soup— sautéed kale, crumbled sausage and shaved parmesan, whisked together with a touch of cream and served with fresh-baked baguette. (Limited Time Offer)


Chicken Waldorf— chicken dried cranberries, fresh apples, walnuts & mayo on cranberry walnut bread.


Hot Pastrami Panini— pastrami, swiss cheese & spicy mustard on rye bread.





Load Up a Legit Lunchbox Your Kids Will Love

What’s for dinner, what’s for breakfast, what’s for lunch…the three most dreaded questions that we are barraged with on a daily basis.  It’s not that we don’t want to be creative, healthy, delicious and all things Martha in the kitchen, but who’s got the time?  Back to school presents a particular challenge, not only for lunch box prep, but for healthy dinner and breakfast creation as well…and of course all on the go for our busy lives!  Today we’re going to tackle challenge #1…healthy, delicious lunches both you and your kids will love!

If you’re like me, you’re tired of making the same old sandwiches day after day, and your kids are tired of eating them too.Here are a few easy solutions for making your lunchbox come alive again!

It’s a wrap!

Wraps are easy, fast and can be healthy alternatives to sandwiches.  Meet your dietary needs with the variety of wraps that are offered today…100 percent whole wheat, or gluten free, you choose the wrap and which health ingredients go in your kids’ lunch.  For a healthy wrap, line your wrap with lettuce, adding in some mashed avocado with a little lemon (to not only add flavor, but also to help prevent browning) salt and pepper, and your kids’ favorite proteins.  Replacing the mayo with avocado adds a healthier fat and tomatoes or red peppers amp up the veggie factor while adding color and flavor.   Feel free to get creative with your wraps and sneak in healthy ingredients whenever possible.

Put a stick in it!

Whatever you can get your kids to eat – throw it on a stick for a fun, healthy kabob.  Fruit kabobs are always a kid favorite, and most any fruit will do…pineapple, grapes, strawberries, the sky’s the limit!  For a protein packed punch, alternate cubes of chicken breast (or deli meat) and cheese on a kabob with a few grape tomatoes.  If you want to stay away from the meats, go for tomato, mozzarella and basil kabobs for a kid-sized Caprese to go!

Pita Pocket Perfection!

For the perfect pita pocket, line your pita with green leaf lettuce and fill with your favorite ingredients.  Hummus, deli meats or cheeses, or your favorite recipe for chicken or tuna salad.  We lovean avocado chicken salad, replacing the mayo with avocado and plain Greek yogurt.  Add in your favorite flavorings like red onion, cilantro, celery and season to taste, and, voila…you have the perfect pita pocket!

Why not give some of these lunch box main courses a try, the next time you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the boring old sandwich.  Throw in some healthy snack favorites like apple slices, grapes, hummus served with red peppers, celery or edamame and you’ve got a healthy lunch on the go that anyone would enjoy.  Now that meal prep is complete for the kiddos, how about grabbing a healthy lunch to go for yourself from your neighborhood Atlanta Bread. Use our convenient online ordering and have your fresh salad or sandwich ready for pick up!


sandwich wrap with vegetables

Make It Healthy and Easy To- Go

/t happens a lot – I need to be heading somewhere during lunch. There’s no time for a sit-down meal a99nd I am really hoping to avoid the fast-food trap. Don’t get me wrong, a juicy burger or cheesy burrito can taste oh-so-good sometimes. They may not be a healthy, common sense approach to food, but there’s something about the taste, the grease, and the quick-and-easy, down-and-dirty business of picking your food up from a window. But I can’t go there. I can’t.

So, that leaves me with very few options. I’m really not a P-B-and J kind of gal either, and I can’t survive on an apple for the day. So what’s a person to do when they know they need a healthy  meal that’s fast to make, easy to eat on the go, and tastes great? They have to have a fresh perspective, take that common sense approach to food, and wrap it up.

The go-to option for on-the-go

Yes, a wrap sandwich is probably one of the best little portable meals that you can make. And talk about allowing for a diverse array of new flavors and goodies to pack up for your meal on the run! It’s kind of a “no-brainer” to make a wrap because honestly, anything goes.

Have a bunch of veggies and other items in your fridge that been to be eaten? Wrap them. Have meats and cheeses and half-empty jars of jellies, sauces or other condiments that are feeling ignored? Wrap them. Here are a few tips and different ideas to get you started on your way to eating healthy and enjoying new flavors.

The wrap

You can start with any type of wrap you prefer, whether it’s a whole wheat tortilla or flatbread wraps.. The choice depends on your tastes and the ingredients. One thing to be mindful of when creating your wrap is not to make a giant log. Most wraps are quite sizeable and you can probably get away with rolling it up, cutting it in half, and saving some for the next day (another reason these are so convenient!) Don’t forget that you can also use a large leaves of lettuce as a wrap – a fresh perspective and a healthy choice!

The spreads

OK, no one wants to have to choke down a dry sandwich just because they are concerned about a mess. Using spreads that are thick enough not to run out the bottom of a poorly folded wrap is your best bet. And remember, you don’t need to slather it all over your rolled up masterpiece. Save yourself some calories and the need for a bib and use just enough to thinly coat your wrap and don’t go all the way to the edges.

The ingredients

Here’s where you can get creative. If you like it, you can wrap it… for the most part. Do make a conscious decision to use healthy ingredients and not to overload your roll. Take that common sense approach to food and include a few servings of your daily requirements for veggies, add a protein, and if you like, some dairy.

Ideas to wrap your head around

If you want  something other than the typical meat, cheese, lettuce,and tomato with mayo wrap idea, then consider combinations like these:

Quinoa, chickpeas, dried cranberries and/or raisins, chopped walnuts, and a light spread of olive oil and Dijon mustard in a whole wheat wrap. It’s vegan and packed with protein.

Or how about taking your favorite salad and wrapping it up? Thicken the dressing or use a creamy one – just make it a very light pour.

Veggie burgers rolled with avocado, tomato and hummus are healthy, filling and easy.

Make chicken salad with a plain yogurt and apple cider vinegar mix instead of mayo and wrap it up in a large leaf. Collard greens, spinach, or romaine are a good partner for this one.

Need something convenient for the morning? Wrap up egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and some feta cheese and you have a healthy start to your day.

Heading into fall, try this slight twist on the traditional turkey sandwich:

This one takes prep the night before, but the effort is well worth it for anyone looking for a vegetarian wrap with new flavors:

Let’s wrap it up

So, as you can see – you can go the fast route and throw in whatever is ready to go from your fridge or you can do a little prep work the night before. The key is creating a reasonable portion of something that can be eaten anywhere. It’s a common sense approach to food that will have you eating healthy and enjoying new flavors on the go.

If you have a moment and want to get ready- made, order one of the delicious sandwiches online from Atlanta Bread at



Cocktails From the Garden – Discovering Fresh Drinks You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a good refreshing cocktail, especially in the dog days of summer. While it’s never a good idea to overindulge, sipping a lively concoction of your favorite spirit and mixers can be a great way to lead into an evening meal or to wind down after your day of work. But boy am I tired of the same old thing – I’d like to be enjoying new tastes and ideas. Good thing it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a cocktail from the garden.

An idea that will grow on you

What? Yes, you read that correctly – from the garden! With a bountiful harvest of herbs, fruits, and vegetables at hand there is a world of unusual drinks that can be made in summer. Whether you have a garden of your own, visit your neighborhood farmer’s market, or simply shop the organic section of your local grocery, you can pick up the fresh items that will give your summer cocktail a healthy feel.

Consider what often winds up in a Bloody Mary- vegetable juice and garnishes like olives, celery, green beans, even shrimp, but now think about lighter and fresher ingredients that add pizazz to the body of a regular cocktail.

It’s time to start enjoying new recipes for summer cocktails that have a little bonus and are beautiful too. No doubt that the creators of some popular beverages were inspired by their gardens and the plentiful foods grown in their area.

A harvest of possibilities

Let’s start by looking at a twist on a classic. Horse racing fans are keenly aware of the Mint Julep famously served at the Kentucky Derby. It’s a southern favorite that has mass appeal. But as we said, some people are inspired by nature’s gifts and like to make use of fresh ingredients. The Blackberry Mint Julep does just that. For this you muddle and strain blackberries and mint leaves, add sugar and bourbon and pour over ice. Garnish it with a blackberry and mint leaf and you have a chiller that will certainly have you chomping at the bit for more. That little extra fruit provides a sweet bonus.

If you’re more of a tequila fan and really crave a taste of summer, consider Bobby Flay’s Watermelon Tequila Cocktail. Your day isn’t complete until you’ve combined the sweetness of fresh, strained watermelon juice mixed with silver tequila. Add sugar syrup and blueberries along with mint and fresh lime juice and you’ve created a cocktail that’s light and refreshing.

Looking for more in your garden cocktail? A couple of New York chefs and their friend really hit the jackpot when they concocted the Porch Crawler. Created with several items from a rooftop garden, they muddled pitted cherries, mint leaves, and chiles. Then they topped with ice, rum, lemon juice and simple syrup and strained it into a glass. Club soda was poured in and the glass garnished with cherries and mint. I’ll bet they had as much fun creating it as they did drinking it.

Expanding the ingredient list

Some specialty cocktails call not only for “harvesting” fresh, healthy fruits and herbs but also for discovering less widely used spirits. Amp up the flavor and wow your guests with these drinks that call for Pisco, a white Peruvian Brandy made with mescal grapes or Lillett, an aromatized wine that is 85% Bordeaux region wines and 15% macerated liqueurs (mostly citrus).

There’s The Tabernacle Crush with muddled fresh peaches, basil leaves, and lemon juice that is strained, then stirred with Gin, Lillett, and simple syrup. You add ice and garnish with basil.

Cholo Fresco was created by Hans Hilbirg of “El Pisquirito” in Peru. For this one you’d muddle fresh mint leaves with sugar and lime juice and then strain into an ice-filled shaker. Add Pisco, melon liqueur, and cucumber juice. Shake and stir into a chilled glass. Try adding your own garnish of a slice of cucumber and a piece of honeydew melon.

You’ll notice most “garden” inspired cocktails require muddling. If you’ve never done it, this very brief video demonstrates the proper technique:

Get creative

What ideas do you have for adding some produce to your adult beverage? Sweet wine with muddled strawberries, club soda, and fresh basil or perhaps Vodka with ginger liqueur and mint? Try being inspired by what you see in the market and experiment with your spirit of choice – who knows, you may wind up creating a summer sensation.

Summer fresh is easy

If you don’t have the time or inclination to mix up one of these delicious drinks, visit an Atlanta Bread location that has bar service and add a healthy salad, sandwich, or other dish from our menu and really sink your teeth into garden fresh tastes.