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Fall in Love With Butternut Squash

Fall brings the changing leaves, cooler temperatures, football, and autumn vegetables that signal a shift in what we’ll be enjoying over the next several months. One of the best ways to enjoy the new season is to sample new flavors, experience new adventures, or start a new relationship. Fall in love with someone or something.

Take a risk

You can do this by visiting local festivals, traveling to places you’ve never been, or to go where some people fear to go – squash.

O.K., don’t bail on me just yet. I’m not talking about the slimy yellow squash that your mom overcooked when you were a kid. I’m referring to the delicately sweet taste and hearty texture of the Butternut Squash.

The bio

I have to say it’s got a very nice shape, and when you cut it open, the deep golden-orange color says “fall is here”. But where does Butternut Squash come from and how do you prepare it? Let’s delve into a few fun facts about this healthy item and get you inspired to go gourd!

It’s technically a fruit that grows on a vine but is cooked and served as a vegetable. While the lineage of the most common type, the Waltham Butternut, originated  in Massachusetts (there is some question as to who actually developed it¹)  it’s true ancestry is all-American and goes way back.

First cultivated about 8-thousand years ago it was present in what is now the Americas before humans roamed the earth². But our species has been attracted to this smooth-and-curvy-on-the-outside, firm-and-tasty-on-the-inside delicacy for some time.

Oh, and it’s healthy for you too.

The recommendation

The Butternut Squash is low in calories and loaded with vitamins A and C and other anti-oxidants (which help prevent cell damage caused by free-radicals³) They contain no cholesterol or saturated fats but are a good source of fiber⁴. Definitely a fresh and healthy choice.

Butternut Squash is not only healthy and beautiful, it’s got a great personality too – it’s a bit nutty and mildly sweet.

Make a date

So why not go on a new adventure  this fall with new flavors. Don’t be shy – make something happen with Butternut Squash and see where the relationship goes. It can be baked, fried, steamed or pureed – it’s versatile that way. Here are some great recipes to try from Real Simple

And if you don’t feel like cooking – come in for a bowl of our brand new Butternut Squash Soup at Atlanta Bread and fall in love with the gourd!





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