Apple Cider and Strudel

Fall in Love with the Flavors and Aromas of Autumn

Hear the crunch of the leaves and feel the crisp clean air and you know fall has arrived. It’s an invigorating time of year that holds the promise of cooler weather, holidays, and discovering fresh new tastes. These are the days to stop in to your local coffee shop before you tour the markets in your community. These are the days for adventure. These are the days to fall in love with the flavors and aromas of Autumn.

Each morning has promise, and each day has inspiration if you know where to look. But sight isn’t the only sense that can detect these things, let your taste buds go on an adventure with fall foods that have a most tantalizing aroma and taste. The smell of pumpkin is crisp and a bit sweet – the flavor is mild with a hint of spice. The familiar aroma of apples becomes more exciting when sprinkled with cinnamon.

These seasonal flavors have become favorites for a reason. They evoke memories of childhood or family gatherings. They provide the promise of a busy, but exciting, time of year. The short-lived but enjoyable appearance of certain fall foods and seasonings generates an urgency to sample such treats. The subtlety of earthy pumpkin spice is no exception.

While they are a favorite for carving, pumpkins are for more than decoration. It seems pumpkin spice is the flavor-du-jour. Nowhere is it more beloved than in muffins and cakes, but it’s now abundant in coffees too. Adding a dash of pumpkin elevates your latte to a subtly sweeter level with just enough spice to keep it interesting.  Grab a cup of pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shop and sip on it as you sort through gourds at a local farm – what a dream!

Not a fan of pumpkin spice but would love to get into the swing of autumn? Apples are a wondrous selection this time of year. Nothing says “good morning” or tops off a meal better than a piece of delicious apple strudel. Strudel is a traditional Austrian layered pastry with filling that became popular in the 18th century. The apple strudel is one of the most enjoyed versions of this treat. Try it with a mug of hot apple cider and you’ll swear you’re in an orchard.

Step away from the ordinary and into the delectable experience of fall’s unique flavors. Whether it’s sipping a pumpkin spice latte, or eating a sliver of delicious apple strudel with warm apple cider…relish a mouthful of Autumn and your taste buds will fall in love.