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Travel the World With Ethnic Foods For Lunch

The opportunity to venture out and see the world is something that can change your life. It’s a thrilling prospect to learn about regional history, experience new cultures, and meet new people. There’s another element that is truly enjoyable about international travel, and that’s sampling the local food. While most of us don’t get to travel the globe, we can experience one of the best parts of such an adventure – eating delicious and exotic foods right here at home. Dining on great International flavors, such as Mexican cuisine, here in the US can still make you say “bueno!”

While sandwiches, burgers, and salads are a staple for lunch here, why not give yourself a little tour abroad in the middle of the day? It feels good to take a break from work, or the stress of school or kids, and enjoy a satisfying mid-day meal. Make it feel like an adventure with some ethnic treats like Italian, Mexican, or Spanish food.

The Versatility of Italian Food
Pizza is perhaps the most beloved Italian- style cuisine. Pizza in some form (flatbread topped with oils and seasoning) was eaten centuries ago by people in Italy, Greece, and even ancient Egypt. The modern version has been traced to Naples in 1889, though some historians argue that it was really the neighboring region of Lazio. Whatever the traditional beginning, today imagination runs wild and pizza toppings can range from the traditional to the downright strange. The opportunity to create a “custom” pizza makes this lunch choice perfect for changing tastes, and for those “I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for today” kinds of moments.

The same can be said for pasta, another of the versatile Italian foods. With a broad selection of pasta shapes, each designed to hold the sauce differently or to create a varying density of pasta in each bite, pasta is a go-to dish for many. Add to that the ability to top it with different sauces and ingredients and you have a dish that satisfies any craving. Eat a bowl of pasta and you’ll instantly take a tour through Italy. you’ll feel the breeze along the coast of Naples, hear the singing gondoliers of Venice, or feel the warmth of the Tuscan sun.

The Comfort of Mexican Food
It’s a cold, rainy day and all you want is some good “comfort” food. Soups are great, but how about traveling south of the border for some Mexican food without having to leave your neighborhood? The combination of cheese and sauce used in many Mexican dishes fill you up while bringing your taste buds to life. Whether you like Mole, ranchero, or enchilada sauce, there’s something that will tingle your tongue and possibly provide a little burn to boot! Customize with either beans, chicken, pork, or beef and wrap in a soft shell and you have that warm, comfortable dish that transports you to a happy place. Take a taste tour and hear the sound of mariachis or envision the crystal waters along the Yucatan with each bite and you’ll realize you’ve taken a little journey to a far away place without getting on a plane.

Spanish Food Surprise
Spanish food may not be the most common ethnic food eaten here in the US, but it certainly has the personality to become a favorite of anyone willing to try it. From gazpacho to croquettes, cured meats to paella, Spanish food also provides variety and unique flavors that can take you across the Atlantic and settle you in at a tapas restaurant. Food and drink are a very important part of Spanish culture – they have one bar/restaurant for every 129 people there. Just be careful, after a delicious meal of Spanish food, you may be so satisfied that you’ll be tempted to take a siesta. This traditional nap typically occurs between 2 and 4 pm.

A Mini Trip to Adventurous Tastes
The next time you’re deciding what to have for lunch – take a risk and suggest to your friends or coworkers that you should all take a little trip around the world. By sampling Italian food or Mexican food, or even discovering Spanish food, you will find yourself at the best destination – distinctively appetizing.



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