Loaf of fresh baked multigrain bread with grain ears

The Gift of Freshly Baked Bread

If you were ever fortunate enough to have someone bake fresh bread in your home, think back to the aroma and how it drifted across the kitchen. You would tear off a piece from the loaf with it’s crusty outside and warm, soft inside then taste the delicious ingredients on your tongue. Oh, the happiness it brought

If you didn’t experience this as a kid, or if those days are long since passed, It’s possible to discover (or rediscover) that healthy and joyous experience of freshly baked bread. You could learn how to make it yourself, or you could frequent establishments that bake theirs fresh daily.

The resistance

Bread, you say? Aren’t we supposed to avoid it? All the latest diet trends advise against it, right?

No! Healthy carbs are essential to your body and are the prefered source of energy. Properly baked bread made with fresh ingredients can certainly be a healthy choice.

The roots of bread go back to Ancient Egypt around 300 BC* and it is still one of the most widely consumed foods in the world.  When you think of it’s simplicity and versatility it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s the base of a sandwich or the vehicle for sopping up soups and gravies, bread is a wonder. You simply have to choose the right kind of breads if you want to eat healthy.

Getting fresh

The right kind of breads are made fresh with real-food ingredients. Freshly baked natural bread doesn’t sit on the store shelf or in your pantry for weeks so they don’t likely contain all the additives, chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients as the store-bought variety.

A fresh loaf will be eaten quickly, and who doesn’t love the flavor and texture of warm, fresh bread? It’s a way of getting  back to the basics and partaking in something that our ancient ancestors consumed regularly.

Not so fresh

Unlike the original version developed thousands of years ago, modern day bread has developed a reputation as not being so healthy. Let’s look at why store-bought bread isn’t optimal.

Unrecognizable ingredients

Store-bought bread is convenient, but that convenience comes at a price. To make the product “shelf stable” and last a long time, the germ is removed from the wheat. The germ is the vitamin and mineral-rich part of the wheat kernel. When it’s taken out, the nutrition and flavor are also removed.**

What takes the place of all the good stuff? Things like cellulose fiber, emulsifiers (an additive used to stabilize food), chemical dough conditioners, and hard-to-pronounce ingredients are added. I don’t think the ancient Egyptians included any of those in their daily bread.

The experience

So come break healthy bread with us (we bake it fresh daily) or learn to bake your own fresh loaves for when you can’t visit us. You will be doing something good for your body and your soul. After all – bread is known as the “staff of life”.

Ever wonder where that phrase came from? Read here:

Doing Good

We like to serve our freshly baked bread each day but whatever is leftover doesn’t go to waste. The bread is donated to organizations that can provide it to people in need.

Come enjoy a sandwich on our freshly baked bread  or try the clean, all- natural cranberry- walnut bread to start your morning off right! If you’re in a hurry, order something to-go online! Visit

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