Jump in

Jump In, The Water’s Fine – The Risk /Reward Experiment

It’s that nagging voice in your head that holds you back. It’s the thought that something big has to happen in order to feel truly alive. It’s the fear that you’ll never accomplish a dream. Taking chances and making things happen doesn’t always feel like an easy thing to do. But actually it can be. You just might have to make small changes to reach your destination.


Getting a job, meeting someone to spend your life with, traveling to far-away places – there are people who seem to do these things with ease. Some people feel comfortable throwing themselves into new adventures, others don’t. But anyone can accomplish what’s in their heart. Knowing what you want and setting a goal is a place to start, but don’t lose sight of the smaller, less obvious things you can do to work towards your goal.

  • Wake up each day feeling as though you can.
  • Change something in your routine and learn to embrace disruption or change.
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situation.

Time to Overcome

Growing up I was incredibly quiet and shy and didn’t want to be noticed. As I got older, I realized my fears were affecting my ability to participate in life, it was impacting my personal growth. I wasn’t challenged in my job but had no confidence that I could do anything else. Knowing I had to push myself, I vowed to make small changes. I began with having conversations with strangers I encountered, I explored my area and ate in new restaurants, and I started singing to myself – very loudly – in spite of the fact that my upstairs neighbors might hear. Anything to push me out of my routine and comfortable place.

Then I took a real risk by signing up for a local adult education course in theater. There’s nothing more terrifying for a shy person than to stand up in front of others and perform a scene. Turns out it was scary and it was fun at the same time. I auditioned for some plays at a community theater and performed on stage in front of real audiences, accomplishing something I never thought I could do. The next step was going back to school to study journalism and eventually I landed a new job. It was a long way from being shy to reporting on camera and ultimately anchoring a newscast, but I made it. I threw a rock into the calm water and started a ripple that carried me to a new life.

Dive In

What are you afraid of? Do you have a dream that seems too big? The hardest thing may be determining how to accomplish the things in life you desire. But your personal growth won’t happen on it’s own. Drop a pebble into the water and let the ripple begin. Soon you may create a wave of change that sweeps you into a wonderful place. Don’t leave the water stagnant – take a risk, accomplish a dream, or simply live a more fulfilling existence.

About the Writer: Brenda has lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia for most of her life. Her background as a reporter and news anchor for a local program fed her interest in writing on varied subjects.

She also enjoys spending time with her family, painting watercolors, playing on a tennis team, and traveling whenever possible.

Brenda H.