Enjoy something new this spring

A Season to Embrace Something New

Flowers begin to bloom and the color green returns to the earth. Spring is a season of renewal where the world seems fresh and bright. It’s at this time I feel most alive. Clear blue skies and the promise of a new season inspires many things. For some it’s spring cleaning or a time to emerge from inside and enjoy the outdoors. For others it’s determining which fresh experiences to pursue. Enjoying new places, new flavors, new people – it is all compelled by the arrival of spring!

Why Now

As resolutions for the new year may have fallen by the wayside, spring is a time when you can commit once again to something that benefits you and perhaps those around you. Born less out of guilt and overindulgence from the holidays, new commitments that come in the spring are generated from the rebirth that’s all around us. It inspires us to be healthy and to enjoy new, fresh experiences.

The Plan

The goal may be to become more active – to get out and exercise or take up a new sport, or it may be to take a more common sense approach to food – to get healthy without falling prey to the latest diet trends. Setting goals takes planning, and accomplishing them takes commitment. As we muster up the energy to dive into our new plan, keep in mind one thing – if it’s going to be a lasting change then it should be a well thought out common sense approach to food and exercise. It’s not about how rapidly you lose weight as many diet trends emphasize, but it’s about truly changing your approach to health.

I plan to eat clean and to walk as much as possible. Not a huge commitment but one that is achievable. I say this now as I am just getting started. When I am wanting to gnaw on my right foot, slather cheese sauce on everything I eat, and park my rear on the couch for a movie marathon, then I will know I have more work to do. But for now my plan is solid and I am energized by the thought of enjoying a new way of life. Let’s hope those dreams aren’t dashed and that I can stick to my goal to be healthy. I have no real reason to believe otherwise.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Before you decide to embrace the renewal of spring and take on a fresh experience, ask yourself a few questions. What does healthy mean to you? What can you reasonably expect to accomplish for yourself? Will you take the time to actually enjoy new foods and activities, or will you simply be trudging through a regimen? Any fresh experience comes with a touch of risk – but the rewards far outweigh it.

Perhaps you are already healthy and active and your fresh experience will be to take up a new hobby, visit new places, or work on a talent that you’ve let fall dormant. Whatever your renewal plan this spring remember that sometimes we aren’t perfect. Allow for a little bit of struggle without giving up. Soon you will achieve your dream and feel as fresh and vibrant as those flowers that will soon be cropping up.