Explore your local community with a Sunday drive

Transforming an Old tradition Into a New Adventure

So many traditions fade into a memory as they are no longer relevant or practical. It hurts to let go of some of these long-held customs, but when time, resources, and lifestyles change certain practices simply don’t make sense anymore. I believe, however, that some are worthy of revival -the ones that could become a fresh experience once again, a new adventure, a discovery.

Lazy Sundays are often spent online, our faces in screens. It is a narrow view of our community as we convince ourselves that reading or watching a video about something makes us more in touch with the world. As we sit in our home, or if we are really bold, in a coffee shop, we move our thumbs and sip our latte. Not wrong, it’s simply the way.

Imagine instead engaging in a truly shared experience at a leisurely pace. Hands free to rest, eyes engaged in truly noticing what’s around us. A new adventure – the good old Sunday drive.

Families used to pile in the car and head out. No real agenda, no GPS, just a loose timeline and a leisurely pace. The idea was to explore the community – to make the exercise about discovery. “What’s down that street?” “Is that a new building on the corner?” “Look at the flowers beginning to bloom in that park.” People really took notice of the little things –  their eyes scanning from left to right and then looking ahead.

See something interesting? Stop the car and gaze for awhile. Perhaps get out and wander around. It was the shared experience of a local tour that brought families closer, provided conversation topics, and introduced them to previously unknown places in their community. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with taking to the road. Why not venture further, drive past town and into the open or to undeveloped areas, and soak in the scenery?

Yes, people are so busy these days and fuel isn’t cheap. But gas prices have dropped and there’s always time if you make it. The key is to forgo the trappings of today and immerse yourself and your friends or family in a good, old-fashioned activity. Don’t use your GPS, don’t Google locations to see, just drive.

Make note of places you’d like to revisit or explore further. Listen to music, talk with each other, enjoy the leisurely pace. Revive a tradition. It could provide you with the drive to become more of an explorer, to delve deeper into your community, to be curious about the real, 3-dimensional world. Or it could simply be a nice way to spend a Sunday.