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A Traveler’s Perspective of Home

The desire to travel and to explore the world is strong but time and finances can be prohibitive. Dreams of touring through far away lands or cities closer to home  may not always be something that can become reality. There is,however, a way to make your time off feel as though you’re on a wondrous journey. All around you are little treasures you can uncover if you explore your own community from a traveler’s perspective.

Turning a local destination into a vacation destination is a way to learn about your community and to experience things that you might not otherwise. Out- of -town guests are often taken to landmarks or whisked off to see historical or cultural sites. They are introduced to the most iconic restaurants featuring local food or traditional hotspots filled with local charm. Why not treat yourself like an out-of-town guest and view your city from a traveler’s perspective?  It’s likely you haven’t been to many of the places travelers might visit during their time in your town.

Wait, I Live Here!

I have friends living in New York City who have never been to the Empire State Building and family in California that has yet to set foot in Yosemite – it all seems unlikely, but it’s true. I know that I live in a city that is home to some well known attractions. I have seen a few, but in all of the years I have been here, some of them remain a mystery.

It’s time to venture to those places in my community that will connect me to where I live. How can I call myself a true Atlantan if I haven’t explored its sites at a leisurely pace? School field trips as a child provided an introduction to some iconic spots, but the memory has faded, and at the time I don’t think I had a true appreciation for many of the things I saw. Since then, free weekends have often been spent doing necessary things. It’s easy to get distracted by chores or to take the easy road and repeatedly dine on local food at the same restaurants and to engage in the same activities. So to truly delve into becoming more familiar with what makes this town so appealing, I will have to pretend I am visiting.

Making it Feel Like a Getaway

To gain a traveler’s perspective of my community, I will need to treat myself as a visitor- perhaps stay in a hotel to avoid the temptation to do laundry, clean out that closet, or work in the yard. Remaining at home can still feel like a vacation. Some new sheets and towels, a bottle of water left by the bed at night, or stocking up on special breakfast foods will create the impression of staying at a local Bed and Breakfast. Pledge to steer clear of any chores and write down your intentions so you stay on track!

Whatever needs to be done to encourage the adventure, make a pact with yourself and your family to treat the time off as though you are on vacation. Create an itinerary and see as much as possible, or take a leisurely pace- as happens on some vacations – and go where the day takes you. Whatever you do, find those out of the way places, see those tourist-y sites, immerse yourself in your city and gain a traveler’s perspective on where you live. You may achieve a whole new appreciation for your surroundings. At the very least, you’ll be able to make recommendations to others!

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