Treasure Your Mother

Treasured From the First Moment – The Bond of a Lifetime

Her voice fills my head and her advice and encouragement guides me daily. A sense of warmth floods me when I think of her – she is a treasure. She is my mother. What can I say? Always my trustworthy champion. The one person who knows me better than anyone else. She is love.

My mother is still with me, living nearby, so I am able to experience her generosity of spirit, her laugh, her smiling eyes and her wisdom. I am fortunate. I can tell her how much I love her as often as possible and wrap my arms around her and give a gentle squeeze.  I treasure her with all of my heart. But how can I ever explain to her how much she means to me? How can I help her to understand that she has been the single most influential part of my life? I say the words, but is it enough?

She knows.

Mother’s have a sixth-sense about their children. I know this. I too, am a mother. My son is nearly 13, but he still hugs me and says “I love you”. I know he means it in his own, young boy way. That fills me with a sense of peace, joy, thrilling happiness – you name it. I am fortunate.

 Not everyone still has their mother, even if they do, not everyone has a close relationship with them. Yet it’s hard to deny that we should treasure the mere fact that our mothers brought us into this world and raised us to the best of their ability. As a species, humans stay with their mothers longer than any other animal. It makes us who we are. Some may get many years with their mother, others may not get enough time. But there’s no denying the bond that is created regardless of the experience. More powerful and natural than any other, the mother bond is a force that should never be taken for granted, or dismissed.

The relationship should be celebrated in some way, not necessarily with fanfare but confirmed none-the-less. One day isn’t enough. It should be treasured daily with thoughts and actions. It should be honored with kind words and understanding – with forgiveness.

Cards, flowers, and gifts are nice. Any gesture is greatly appreciated by moms – I know this. But perhaps the best way to show your mom that you treasure, appreciate, or simply acknowledge her role, is to be a good child. It is to be a good mother.

Hear her voice, listen to her advice, and look for the signs of her encouragement. Be the voice, the trustworthy teacher, the encourager without expectation. That is the cycle of love. That is motherhood.

About the Writer: Brenda has lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia for most of her life. Her background as a reporter and news anchor for a local program fed her interest in writing on varied subjects.
She also enjoys spending time with her family, painting watercolors, playing on a tennis team, and traveling whenever possible.
Brenda H.