Diamonds Can Be Anyone’s Best Friend – Why Attending A Community Ball Game Is a Pitch-Perfect Idea

It really is more interesting and full of strategy than you think. I’m referring to the traditional, great American pastime of baseball. I know some people find it slow – but do they really know the game? And honestly what’s so wrong with a slower-paced activity? In this world of quick edits, snapchats, and constant, multi-layered entertainment, an easy game of ball could be just what we all need.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Your town may not have a major league team, but there is likely a minor league team of some level, or even some college, high school, or kids recreational ball that would do the trick. It’s less about watching a marquis sporting event than it is about getting out in your community, enjoying the shared experience, and treasuring what your community has to offer. It’s the crack of the wooden bat (or the ping of metal bats used in younger levels) and the sound of cheers at a well-thrown strike or a well hit ball that will grab your attention. It really is a unique sporting event because a game on the diamond lends itself well to a fun, social time in the stands.

Take Me Out to the Crowd

Yes, this is a shared experience like no other. There may be tailgating before lots of sporting events, but where else can you actually have a conversation with your friends, families, and even the strangers sitting next to you as easily as you can during a baseball game? Yes, that’s where the slow part is a benefit. Chatting between plays, or while pitchers warm up on the mound means you still see every play.

If you’re a “newbie”, that stranger next to you may know a lot about the game or the players and can be a wealth of information. Just ask a baseball fan in your community about the game and they will educate you on the types of pitches thrown and why, the strategy behind certain base-running tactics, or even about why certain plays in the field are made. And you can learn it all while watching the game in progress – no loud arenas or endless action to prevent any conversation lest you miss something.

These events may not be filled with razzle-dazzle, but they are a wonderful reminder that where you live is about family, sportsmanship, positive experiences and good old-fashioned fun.

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Then there’s the cuisine. Well, OK, that’s a stretch – a concession stand hot-dog doesn’t really warrant being called cuisine, but they somehow taste better at the park than just about anywhere. Not a fan of the stadium dog or burger? Pack a healthier alternative and enjoy eating and snacking as you like. While most other sporting arenas don’t allow outside food, at nearly any baseball park you can bring in your own chow. Stock up at a local sandwich shop and subsidize with popcorn or other treats at the park. Anything goes in the baseball community.

I Don’t Care If I Never Get Back

There have been times, when driving home from work, that my husband has stopped in at the community ball field near our house to watch a youth baseball game. It’s fun to watch the little guys learning the game and just plain having fun. It’s also a great transition, he says, from a stressful day at work. Enjoying a few innings of ball is relaxing and can take your mind off of the fast-paced or stressful work-a-day world you may be in. And it’s less likely to rile you up than other sports do.

Let Me Root, Root, Root For the Home Team

It’s really all about a shared experience, a real community feel, and an opportunity to spend time enjoying an event that isn’t frantic. It’s the perfect outing that allows you to spend time with friends, have a conversation, and witness a treasured all-American sport. Take a swing at it – you might realize you’ve hit a home-run.

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