Butchart Gardens Holiday Lights

Bright Lights Any City – Experience the Wonder of Holiday Displays

I would like to be a kid again, especially during the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the wonder of the season with all  that excitement? As adults we race around town to purchase gifts and prepare for guests, but what if you could recapture the sense of awe you had as a child or at least put the stress aside and simply enjoy the moment? A tour of a local holiday lighting display can do just that!

Last holiday season I took a tour of the “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was reluctant at first but turned out to be one of the best holiday experiences of my life.  A self-guided tour, the Botanical Garden display sprawled across 30 acres of nature’s beauty. Enhanced by sparkling lights, the grounds were transformed into a tastefully designed exhibit that brought a sense of awe and wonder.

It’s hard to describe the sensation of nature mixed with radiant lights and perfectly selected musical accompaniment. It wasn’t the synchronized holiday music some people create in their yards but lovely classical or jazz tunes that suited the scene, or strolling carollers that made you want to sing along. As we meandered through the transformed gardens, I had the sensation that I too was being transformed. Amazed by the spectacle, it was as if I was in a dream – each luminescent display growing more wondrous than the last. I felt like a kid again, as mesmerized as my son at the joyous colors and twinkling  lights.

I noticed that others around us were feeling something special too, the comments I heard around me and the smiles people gave me indicated that this community was bonding as if we’d discovered a secret too good not to share. As we sipped hot chocolate and wandered the grounds, it struck me that something so simply beautiful can do more to put you in the holiday spirit than almost anything else. It was no longer about the shopping, the stress, the pressure to create our own extravaganza, this was a moment to soak in the feeling of being a kid again.

While “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” is a unique program years in the making, there is likely something similar in your community to explore. It may be a driving tour of light scenes, or a local attraction breathtakingly lit. Whatever the scenario, take a chance and marvel at something as simple as holiday lights. If you do, your holiday season will be bright.


Written by: Brenda Homrich  – Brenda grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and currently works there as a content writer.

Image: Butchart Gardens Holiday Light display.