Load Up a Legit Lunchbox Your Kids Will Love

What’s for dinner, what’s for breakfast, what’s for lunch…the three most dreaded questions that we are barraged with on a daily basis.  It’s not that we don’t want to be creative, healthy, delicious and all things Martha in the kitchen, but who’s got the time?  Back to school presents a particular challenge, not only for lunch box prep, but for healthy dinner and breakfast creation as well…and of course all on the go for our busy lives!  Today we’re going to tackle challenge #1…healthy, delicious lunches both you and your kids will love!

If you’re like me, you’re tired of making the same old sandwiches day after day, and your kids are tired of eating them too.Here are a few easy solutions for making your lunchbox come alive again!

It’s a wrap!

Wraps are easy, fast and can be healthy alternatives to sandwiches.  Meet your dietary needs with the variety of wraps that are offered today…100 percent whole wheat, or gluten free, you choose the wrap and which health ingredients go in your kids’ lunch.  For a healthy wrap, line your wrap with lettuce, adding in some mashed avocado with a little lemon (to not only add flavor, but also to help prevent browning) salt and pepper, and your kids’ favorite proteins.  Replacing the mayo with avocado adds a healthier fat and tomatoes or red peppers amp up the veggie factor while adding color and flavor.   Feel free to get creative with your wraps and sneak in healthy ingredients whenever possible.

Put a stick in it!

Whatever you can get your kids to eat – throw it on a stick for a fun, healthy kabob.  Fruit kabobs are always a kid favorite, and most any fruit will do…pineapple, grapes, strawberries, the sky’s the limit!  For a protein packed punch, alternate cubes of chicken breast (or deli meat) and cheese on a kabob with a few grape tomatoes.  If you want to stay away from the meats, go for tomato, mozzarella and basil kabobs for a kid-sized Caprese to go!

Pita Pocket Perfection!

For the perfect pita pocket, line your pita with green leaf lettuce and fill with your favorite ingredients.  Hummus, deli meats or cheeses, or your favorite recipe for chicken or tuna salad.  We lovean avocado chicken salad, replacing the mayo with avocado and plain Greek yogurt.  Add in your favorite flavorings like red onion, cilantro, celery and season to taste, and, voila…you have the perfect pita pocket!

Why not give some of these lunch box main courses a try, the next time you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the boring old sandwich.  Throw in some healthy snack favorites like apple slices, grapes, hummus served with red peppers, celery or edamame and you’ve got a healthy lunch on the go that anyone would enjoy.  Now that meal prep is complete for the kiddos, how about grabbing a healthy lunch to go for yourself from your neighborhood Atlanta Bread. Use our convenient online ordering and have your fresh salad or sandwich ready for pick up!

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